Welcome to Essie Oil Hub Blog!

I confess, I have a deep love (see OBSESSION) with Essential Oils and could talk about them ALLLL day! So, allow me to preach to the converted (and perhaps sway the sceptics!?).

When I signed up to doTERRA, I had no intention of becoming a ‘salesperson’. Fast forward a couple of months and I just could not help myself!! After experiencing the benefits first hand, and even converting my skeptic husband, I knew these littles oils were too precious to keep to myself.

I’ve always been drawn to natural products – I have sensitive skin, and am extremely sensitive to synthetic and chemical smells – cleaning the bathroom with bleach can send me to hospital with a migraine! I made it my mission to get rid of all toxic household products, particularly when my son was born in 2012. Initially, I used Essential Oils to replace synthetic fragrances, until I was introduced to doTERRA and became aware of the physical AND emotional benefits these 100% pure oils can have. Oils are now part of our daily life, and my family is better for it!

Health and happiness for everyone – sounds cliche I know, but these oils have changed my life, and I just can’t help singing their praises at every given opportunity! Headache, mozzies, hayfever?? There’s an oil for that!!! Rollerballs and recipes – they become an addiction. So, combining my graphic and design experience with my newfound love of oils I started this website as a hub for all information regarding essential oils, plus tools to help you get the most out of oils.

If you’re interested in learning more about how doTERRA oils can benefit your life, or if you’d like to become your own boss and start sharing the oils yourself, contact me hello@essieoilhub.com – I’d love to hear from you!


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